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Nick Couldry keynote: ‘Theorising Media as Practice: some further reflections’

November 10, 2008

Nick Couldry

EASA Media Anthropology Network 2nd Workshop, “Media Practices and Cultural Producers”. Barcelona, 6-7 November 2008

via Mediacciones site – see video of keynote here

Nick Couldry abstract: In this talk I will return to why in my 2004 article ‘Theorizing Media as Practice’ it made sense for me as a media researcher to use the term practice to reframe the ‘object’ of media research, and the possible advantages of this term compared with earlier paradigms for media research. I will then discuss two areas of possible application of this approach, first in my own recent work on ‘public connection’ and then in possible studies of mediation’s influences on professional life. Finally, I will discuss some underlying issues concerning how social order is constructed on which contrasting interpretations of the turn to ‘practice’ in media anthropology disagree.

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