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Freedom technologists and the new protest movements

free·dom  tech·nol·o·gist n.  A specialist in technology who uses his or her expertise to fight for greater democratic freedoms, often in the context of a national crisis.

10 July 2014. A few years ago, TIME magazine declared 2011 to be The Year of the Protester. From the Arab Spring or Spain’s indignados to the Occupy movement, this was undoubtedly a year of political upheaval around the world.

But 2011 was also an important year for a new global vanguard of tech-minded citizens determined to bring about political change, often in connection with national crises. Let us call these citizens, at least for the time being, freedom technologists.

What exactly have freedom technologists contributed to the new protest movements? With what consequences, if any, for real political change? What can we expect from them in future global and national crises?

These are precisely the questions I will be asking in a new series of posts here at my research blog, media/anthropology, titled Freedom technologists and the new protest movements.

Do subscribe to the blog or follow me on Twitter for regular updates on the series. You can also read all posts in the series here or as a document here. Your feedback is much appreciated.

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