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Writing from research online

May 18, 2016

Digital Ethnography Research Centre (DERC)
RMIT University, Melbourne
PhD Community Writing Group 2
25 May 2016
Convener: Jolynna Sinanan

This month, John Postill will lead the writing group session and share some of his insights from conducting research in the field, online and writing for digital platforms. The hour will be a goldmine, I highly recommend it!

Possible topics for discussion:

  • Writing from purely ‘online’ research
  • Writing from ‘online’ research, combined with interviews and participant/observation conducted ‘online’ or face-to-face
  • What is remote ethnography?
  • Writing and disseminating research on digital platforms, from journals to blogs to tweets

Some brief readings for the week (even a glance would be helpful for discussion):

Doing remote ethnography” from media/anthropology blog.

Digital ethnography: ‘being there’ physically, remotely, virtually and imaginatively” from media/anthropology blog, a version of the book chapter in Digital Ethnography: Principles and Practice.

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