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Best of media/anthropology 2011

December 31, 2011

As readers of this blog will know, I use this site as a notebook where I occasionally gather thoughts, drafts and other work in progress. I suspect I am the main beneficiary of this archival work. Nevertheless, as today is the last day of 2011, below are some of the posts that may be of wider interest:

January. Activism in the age of viral reality. This is an article proposal that I wrote before the 15-M aka Indignados movement took off in Spain in May 2011. I am now about to submit a revised article that develops some of these ideas in the context of 15-M.

February. Egypt’s uprising: different media ensembles at different stages. In this blog post I try out a processual (stage-by-stage) pre-analysis of Egypt’s late winter protests inspired by the Manchester School of anthropology.

March. Free culture at a distance. A note on how we ethnographers increasingly study our field sites remotely, thanks to new(ish) technologies such as live streaming and micro-blogging.

April. Comparing Internet freedom in different national contexts. The Web is abuzz with reports about Internet freedom (or the lack of it) in different countries around the globe. A few quick examples from my bookmarks.

May. Doing media ethnography: seminar notes. A research seminar I gave to the doctoral programme at IN3, Open University of Catalonia, in Barcelona.

June. Tweets from Carlos S. Almeida talk on #SpanishRevolution’s cyberactivist roots. My blogged tweets on a YouTube recording – can one get any more 2011 than that?

July. Diccionario del 15-M (Spanish Revolution Dictionary). Trying to manage the explosive linguistic and conceptual growth of the Indignados movement. New entries always welcome.

August. Public scholarship and social media. We media students and scholars can contribute to the public discourse on current affairs (e.g. the UK riots) through a range of different channels, including mailing lists, blogs, and Twitter.

October. New ethnography of Christianity among the Bidayuh of Sarawak. Borneo again.

November. Democracy in the age of viral reality (2). Barcelona, 15 May 2011. I arrive at Plaça de Catalunya at around five thirty, half an hour before the scheduled start of the pro-democracy march. It is a beautiful spring afternoon.

December. Democracy in the age of viral reality (and 5). Spain’s indignados and their international comrades in the #Occupy movement are modulating the free software subculture in potentially revolutionary ways.

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