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Tweets from Carlos S. Almeida talk on #SpanishRevolution’s cyberactivist roots

June 2, 2011

The Barcelona lawyer Carlos Sanchez Almeida (@bufetalmeida, shown on the left here) has been involved in internet and other digital issues for decades. He is one of the key players in the #Nolesvotes movement which asks Spanish voters not to vote for any of the major parties for being mired in corruption “at the highest levels” (the movement does not call for voters to abstain, as wrongly reported in the New York Times) .

The following edited tweets are mine. They are taken from a presentation Sanchez Almeida gave in Barcelona yesterday, 1 June 2011. See also YouTube video from 42:55 (presentation in Spanish, Q&A partly in Catalan).

NB – the tweets are best read from bottom to top.

  1. …So we can now create new forms of doing politics. Thank you [FINAL TWEET].
  2. “Social movements have, at long last, converged with cyberactivism”
  3. and return to streets with renewed strength
  4. …where we can debate and deliberate calmly, without mass media pressure
  5. S. Almeida: we should take debate back to its natural habitat: the net
  6. what next? only spanish society can decide
  7. S. Almeida: thrill to see diff gens of activists, from Paris 68 via Seattle, converging
  8. …and civil society orgs have done their part, too
  9. … we at #nolesvoteshave helped on the net
  10. Democracia Real have done great organisational job at street level
  11. On 15 May we were all out in the streets
  12. JSF, DRY and NolesVotes hashtags all channelled together to form 15 May movement
  13. two new embryos emerge: Juventud sin Futuro and Democracia Real Ya
  14. ..once all nodes aligned thanks to Sinde issue, proposal was broadened via wiki
  15. Sinde/censorship Law was catalyst for much wider mobilisation
  16. 27 Jan 2011 S. Almeida tweets: #nolesvotes (don’t vote for main parties)
  17. 25 Jan 2011 3 main parties in Spain agree to take fwd Sinde/censorship law
  18. …Dec 2010 Spainwide anti-Sinde protest channelled via #leysinde hashtag;
  19. Fight against Sinde Law took off Dec 2009 with Manifesto
  20. Dec 2009 Internet Censorship aka Sinde Law, after US State Dept pressures (see wikileaks)
  21. @bufetalmeida clasica peli, y que suerte hemos tenido (hasta ahora)
  22. new forms of online mobilisation which later applied to privacy, copyleft, free culture
  23. …gradually Spanish internet scene learned to defend itself from powers that be
  24. …no. of cyberactivist battles followed incl LSSI under PM Aznar
  25. …first cyberactivists in Spain were Fronteras Electronicas [b. 1996]
  26. …Comms Decency Act 1996 under Clinton boosted international cyberactivism
  27. …BBSs, hackers, in 90s Electronic Frontier Foundation after FBI hacker persecution
  28. CPSR was programmers’ trying to prevent nuclear war
  29. Carlos S. Almeida video: #spanishrevolution #15M timeline: roots in 1981 USA, cyberactivism CPSR
  30. I’ll be tweeting (Eng) Carlos S. Almeida #spanishrevolution chronology (in Spanish) #15M #nolesvotes #democracialrealya [FIRST TWEET]
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  1. June 2, 2011 10:04 pm

    See also: 2. ¿De dónde venimos? La pequeña historia del ciberactivismo español.

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