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Notes on Observatorio Global (Castells 2006)

September 12, 2010

A few selective notes on Castells, Manuel (2006) Observatorio global: crónicas de principios de siglo. Barcelona: La Vanguardia Ediciones.

NB – my translations

Chapter 6  Internet, freedom and communication

Chapter 7 The politics of freedom

p. 279 Porto Alegre 2005, World Social Forum. Young idealists vs. a few old leftists. The latter still haven’t understood that ‘social change does not require taking power but rather the transformation of minds’.

p. 282 power in the new age ‘is not organisable but rather self-organising’

That said, hard times are coming as the Forum disperses geographically from its successful Porto Alegre base in the coming years

Nevertheless, these young people know that ‘the new world, the utopia, is an open project that is being built interactively’

p. 283 neo-anarchism is an unmistakably C21 ideology; anarchism was in fact ahead of its time

p. 285 big problem in our societies has always been how to reconcile personal autonomy with productive organisation of everyday life in an industrialised, interdependent planet

As Jeff Juris documents in a terrific recent book, [Networking Futures], nowadays we find organisations based in networks, via internet, connecting city-states (amidst weakened nation-states).

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