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Media Anthropology Network new site – please register!

May 5, 2010

** via media anthropology mailing list **

Dear All

I am delighted to announce the launch of the new EASA Media Anthropology Network site! The site is at

Huge thanks are owed to Daniel Taghioff and his team of volunteers for all the work they’ve put into this site over many months. As this is still work in progress, we look forward to all suggestions for improvement and offers of help to make the new site a success.

Given our critical mass of over 800 mailing list subscribers and the plethora of Web tools currently available, this site is a great opportunity to try out new forms of collaboration (research, teaching, multimedia, etc.) with other people interested in the anthropology of media. See, for instance, the page devoted to new projects:

Can I urge you all to please REGISTER on the site via the link below the Login box. If you have any technical problems or queries please check the FAQ page regularly, as it is likely to grow quickly over the next few days. If you still need help you can contact Daniel Taghioff

For any queries to do with the overall organisation of the website and its contents you can write to Philipp Budka

To contact other people involved with the site or to see a list of specific tasks you may wish to help with, see the Contact page,

I think that’s enough information from me. I’d now like to hand over the mike to Daniel who’ll be telling us a bit more about the new site and its possibilities.

Looking forward to your participation!


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