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Akram Zaatari e-seminar: links

February 25, 2010

** from medianthro mailing list **

Dear e-seminar participants

Our discussant, Kirsten Scheid, sends her apologies for the delay in posting her comments on Mark Westmoreland’s paper about the Lebanese artist Akram Zaatari . She’ll be doing so later today.

The good news is that those of you who haven’t yet read Mark’s paper still have time to do so today!! Meanwhile some of you may want to follow these links about Akram Zaatari recommended by Mark:

Zaatari’s presentation of Earth of Endless Secrets:

KM Artist talk:

In addition, Gabi Aguero has kindly forwarded the following Zaatari links:
A video of Akram Zaatari speaking about his work and a tour of his show in Germany.
Earth of Endless Secrets a lecture by the artist. Fast forward the first part while they are giving him an award if you like.$artistdetail?ZAATARIA
Some of his video work

All the best



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