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Learning and teaching theory as a form of practice

February 14, 2010

Next week I will be speaking at the practitioner-led seminar, Faculty of ACES, Sheffield Hallam University. The talk is titled “Learning and teaching theory as a form of practice”. In this informal presentation I will draw from my recent exploration of the theory of practice (a body of work about the work of the body) as well as on my teaching experience to suggest that learning and teaching theory – more specifically media theory – is as much of a practical, embodied undertaking as learning and teaching how to drive a car, play tennis or climb rocks.

The session will take place on Wednesday, 17th February 2010, 1:00 -2:00 in Adsetts 6715.  There is no need to book and you are welcome to bring your lunch.

Update 15 Feb 2010. Thinking aloud:

* The rewards and costs (physical, psychic, social, financial…) of teaching and learning (media) theory
* Degrees and kinds of commitments to theoretical academic practice: insiders, outsiders, tourists… (Warde)
* We’re all theorists most of the time: everyday folk practices of media theorising
* Embodying theory (or not); habitus, habit, routine, hexis, doxa, posture, co-presence, absence…
* Intersecting fields and organisations (and why I don’t use the notion of ‘communities of practice’)
* Commonly held and reproduced ideas about the differences between theory and practice
* Technological mediations: Google, handouts, Blackboard, white board, online journals, books, Facebook…
* The recursive (e.g. weekly sessions) and non-recursive (e.g. from October to December) temporalities of learning and teaching a module
* Module stations (Giddens) and arenas (V. Turner), if any
* Intermodular border crossings, fuzzy boundaries

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